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AIDS is the final, most advanced stage of an HIV infection.

When left untreated, HIV advances to AIDS after it has wiped out enough CD4 cells.

Roderick Blank ist ein erfolgreicher Unternehmer in der Fast-Food-Branche. Blank bekommt eine E-Mail mit der Liste sämtlicher 101 Personen, mit denen er in der Vergangenheit Sex hatte und in der Zukunft Sex haben wird.

Er verliebt sich in eine Frau, die nicht auf der Liste steht.

It’s different, exciting, and we can’t help but ask questions out of curiosity. Not only that, they’re also here to make your sex life extra interesting and fun, too!

Our sexual desires are a powerful thing, and yet so many people are embarrassed to talk about them. There is so much to talk about: improving your sex life with your partner, sexual health, fetishes, how to safely explore, and so on. If you see one of them at campus, feel free to say hello to them!

Dem Film mangele jedoch an Lachern und Anziehungskraft.

IMMUNODEFICIENCY = as above, the body is rendered deficient by the immune-destroying virus.

VIRUS = a virus is a particle which gets inside a host’s cells and replicates itself, causing injury or death to the cell and, at times, host.

Die filmische Umsetzung sei schwach, was den Film lediglich fürs Kabelfernsehen und für Videotheken tauglich mache („bet-hedging blandness and weak production values make this anodyne sex romp best suited to cable and vidstore crypts“).

There is so much more to it that our culture doesn’t explore.

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